London Living With A Little One Looming

Embracing Discomfort.
2 min readJun 3, 2024
Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash

Living in London with a baby on the horizon – do I dive deeper into the urban dream or retreat to the calm of the suburbs? Here’s the conundrum.

I’m wedged in a city that never sleeps; surrounded by the Thames, the hustle, the boundless stir of people and the echo of the Arsenal chants.

My rented shoebox barely compares to my sprawling Dublin property – a haven I owned, redesigned without a twinge of guilt, enjoying financial returns even post-rent.

Yet, here I am, dishing out a chunk of my income just to breathe London’s air, all while dreaming of a spacious, skyline-viewing, 1000 sqft haven that boasts everything from a separate kitchen to a car park for a soon-to-be family-sized Mini Cooper. And the cost? A cool 3k a month.

I’m torn.

Do I cling to the vibrant heart of Zone 2, or do I join the scores settling in the suburbs, banking on future fortunes to secure a spot in this urban utopia later? Striking the right balance between living and living well – especially with a new baby – might just be my toughest negotiation yet.

So, do I take the leap or look from afar, embracing suburbia’s extra square footage and sanity? What’s your take?