I Ate Only Meat For 2 Weeks And Lost 4kg

A Steak A Day Kept My Pounds Away

Embracing Discomfort.


Photo by Justus Menke on Unsplash

Granted half of that was probably water weight.

But my clothes fit better, I feel much stronger and I’ve even trimmed a couple of inches belly blubber.

The “carnivore diet” is legit. And proclaims all manner of benefits. A lot of Bitcoiners do it, so I had to at least try.

And so far, so great.

Don’t shoot the messenger — I am simply paraphrasing the carnivore-diet thesis: meat, and animal products, are the most nutritious and bioavailable foods on the planet. A lot of plants are barely digestible, aren’t meant to be eaten in large quantities, and contain compounds that are toxic to ingest. The same goes for seeds and grains. And don’t even get a carnivore started on the fructose-acid trip that’s fruit.

So I decided to test this by eating only meat and animal products (eggs, ghee, cheese, etc.) for a fortnight — and my weight dropped from 83kg to 79kg.

Is meat really all we need? Are we all innately carnivorous? Animals can defend themselves from being eaten but because plants are immobile, do they defend against being eaten by being toxic? What if we eat herbivores who can digest plants in their multi-stomach digestive tracts? What if we “outsource” our digestion of plants by eating plant-eating animals? Wouldn’t that be the smarter thing to do?

My local butcher and fishmonger became my best buddies. I ate lamb, chicken, beef, fish, liver, heart, spleen, bone, steaks, chops…the lot. I found I could never eat more than my fill. I was never peckish between meals. I didn’t feel like snacking. I didn’t feel bloated. I didn’t have bouts of acid reflux. No mood swings or cravings. I felt extremely energetic and clear-headed. I didn’t count any calories — I just ate as much meat as I could, and no more. My irregular bathroom breaks became less frequent.

It’s like my mind and body had a hard reset.

Two weeks of virtually no carbohydrates or sugar. No coke. No veg. No fruit. No fiber. I didn’t give up my cups of tea and I drank plenty of water.

I have no idea how sustainable — ecologically or biologically — this diet is. I don’t know if there are any long-term consequences. Carnivores claim you get all the minerals and vitamins you need from meat — but I’ve no idea if I should believe that. I don’t know if anyone should even try this.

All I know is that I feel great about it right now. Let’s see what the future brings.