Daily Diary

2nd March, 2024

Embracing Discomfort.


Photo by Nicolas J Leclercq on Unsplash

Helluva day yesterday. My first ever NHS experience.

The Mrs and I went for a long overdue health check. Everything checked out for me, but the Mrs had insanely high blood pressure. The nurse, ever doting and utterly diligent, repeated the tests several times. Each time, same result. High BP. She wrote it up in our health journal, got on the phone to the nearest A&E department, and got us to get there ASAP.

So we did. Except the A&E was on the other side of town. So we bussed it. And then walked the last mile, in blizzard conditions. Freezing AF. And then waited for a couple more hours, looking around the operational mania of a typical NHS floor. Honestly, I’d love to work here! Something about operations that I love – I don’t mean surgery, I am referring to the operational elements of a business. Operational management if you will.

Anyway, the nurse eventually sees the Mrs, runs more tests, recommends couple of pills, and then even more tests. Finally the doctor sees us, and about three house later, the Mrs’ BP has subsided. The pills worked clearly. Both of us are a bit rattled at this point, this was just a mundane checkup after all.

Amidst all of this, am frantically on teams taking a few calls and ensuring I always stay green on the bloody thing. But yeah, once done, it looked like we were finally ready to get home. Until we realised there’s a two hour wait to pick up our medication from the pharmacy. Meh. We’ll come back over the weekend instead.

Uber Eats delivery of Tteokbokki OTW home, inhaled it in one sitting, and then hit the bed straightaway.

Eventful Friday!