Daily Diary

10th June, 2024

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Morning. Been AWOL last couple days – cousins were over, spent a lot of time eating, chatting, drinking, you know. The usual.

Anyway – took some time out to rethink my “property” problem. Came to the conclusion that renting it out is essentially a thankless task involving a bucketload of risk and an abysmally low reward. So, no thanks. I am going to out the house up for a fire sale instead, take the money, close out all my debts, and plow the rest into the best property ever. You know what that is!

Enroute to the office, tube again today. Still waiting for the coppers to come back on the prick that nicked my bike. Scum.

Longish day ahead with lots of work & life related quests to complete. Happy days. I’ll be in touch more regularly this week!

Have a nice one.