Daily Diary

12th June, 2024

Photo by Romain Dancre on Unsplash

Got the house! Well, at least in principle. Lofty penthouse with 1000 sqft, vaulted ceilings, wraparound balcony with mesmerising views, and all within budget. Except that the move-in date isn’t ideal, but fine. We’ll manage.

And now starts the infuriating referencing process. Sigh. Reams of data, lots of documentation to upload, repeating ourselves ad infinitum, paying a lick over 2*months rent upfront, etc. Expensive, unavoidable busy work. Meh, I’ll get it done.

WFH + rest day today. Have a big internal showdown meeting, need to get everyone on the same side during it. Or as a result of it, rather. Then maybe a cheeky takeaway? Let’s see.

Didn’t find time to write the article yesterday. But now that – hopefully – house hugging is done, I might squeeze some out.

On that juicy note, catch you later!