Daily Diary

28th February, 2024

Embracing Discomfort.


Back again. A whirlwind trip to Istanbul in the bag, a day of contemplation and recovery, and am back in my claret suit, having tubed up to the swanky central London office.

Istanbul was gorgeous. The sheer size, litany of cafes and bookshops, mosques and bazaars. Like peering into history, in the midst of the raucous Ottoman Empire. Sultans delight was my favourite meal – a bed of mashed up eggplant nestling a head of succulent, rare, grilled beef, drizzled with heaps on olive oil. And the hummus was on point too.

Spent three full days walking all over town, with the Mrs, hand in hand. A nifty little trip that filled us with wonder and hope and thrill and intrigue. So much history in these streets, so much blood, sweat, and tears.

Flew back on a packed & delayed flight to a freezing Gatwick, eventually getting home by 2AM. Quick pizza Uber delivery, chowed down, and bed for 12 straight hours. And then boring work stuff and household chores.

But hey, a trip was had. Next up, maybe the Lake District for the Easter weekend? Let’s see.

And on the work front – am gonna log in now and see what I’ve missed. I suspect not a whole lot, but time will tell.

Talk soon!