Daily Diary

6th June, 2024

Embracing Discomfort.
1 min readJun 6, 2024
Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

Got my rental offer accepted! Move in: 2nd August. Woohoo! It’s amazing how it feels like I’ve achieved something when in fact I am paying more than half my salary to have the privilege of a roof over my family’s head. Marketing FTW!

Anyway, now into the boring bits: packing, moving, prepping, renting out existing place in London, renting out owned property in Drogheda…and to do all of this before paying up for the new rental. Cash flow battles. Here we go.

Work wise – all quiet today I reckon. I do have a big get together tonight with a few drinks, so that should be fun. If I go that is. Which I probably will, but I might do that over lunch rather than now. Take it easy at home for a bit.

It’s triceps and shoulders day today but just not feeling the mojo. Lemme take a sizzling hot shower and decide if I still love myself enough to do it or not. Sigh.