Bitcoin Has Already Won

The World is yet to realise it.

Embracing Discomfort.
4 min readSep 2, 2021
Photo by Dmitry Demidko on Unsplash

Bitcoin has won.

There has never been a more secure, scarce, valuable, transportable, decentralized and networked asset in all of humanity’s history.

It’s more mobile than gold. It appreciates faster than property. It’s supply is fixed unlike stocks and bonds. It’s payment network is faster and cheaper than Visa’s.

It’s user base is growing faster than the Internet’s was in the 90's. It’s market cap is a shade over a trillion dollars. It has an enormous potential upside. It’s already too big to fail.

And yet, sceptics keep repeating the same old FUD. Here’s where I’ll break it down.

Bitcoin Is A Railway Network In Cyberspace

What’s “greener”: driving to work or getting the train?

Obviously the train, right?

But what if you factor in the total energy consumption of building a fully functional and connected rail network? It took decades and billions of dollars (money IS energy) to create a rail network that everyone can use for a fraction of the cost.

That’s what Bitcoin is: a railway network in cyberspace.